About Red Nest

Bean Nuts Cashew RedNest

Red Nest is MR.A.R.B's personal website and the project of Bean Nuts Cashew RedNest official release website. This product belongs to Bean Nuts Family, all copyright for JH.W (MR.A.R.B). Also, a copy of this website is a demo for open-source project Pinecone Dragon CPP and Acorn Venom WEB project which shows have their APIs and framework working, licensed under GNU GPL.

Red Nest

Red Nest (aka. Axed Red Dragon Nest, the sibling site of AxDragon.COM). Why this Name? For 'Red', my Chinese name has the character '弘' which means Mega and Enlighten in Chinese, but it has an approximately phonetic character related to the '红' (Color.Red). For 'Nest', due to this website being my private site, it is the most vivid and figurative word which be chosen.

Why Dragon? Dragon is my favorite mysterious creature, and it is the key clue that brings my imagination back to Middle Ages, around blood, conquer, and opportunity (also in nordic, stríð, blóð og ringulreið) also it is powerful, ferocity, and who has wisdom and love treasure. All its traits are connoted not only in heraldry but also in arts and figures of totemism, also those traits can be incarnated into a vivid creed flowing in and constructing my systemic philosophy.

Open Source and Related Projects. 1). Red Dragon Nest is this; 2). Red Dragon Cave is the sub-site which used to release my personal artworks and collections; 3). Red Dragon Hive is my personal private online facility which including 'EnderChest(Private Cloud NAS)', 'SkyNet(IoT Sampling Control System)', 'PortalGun(Private Cluster Route)', 'Graveyard(Tombstone Status Recorder)' etc. Hive is the subsystem of Bean Nuts Walnut Sparta(Firewall and OS Surveillance) which also base on Pinecone and Ulfheðinn (OS APIs-Wrap and Framework); [A copy of Hive is open source and licensed under GNU GPL.]

Alexander Ruida Bean (伍医生)

JH.W (MR.A.R.B) is the chairman of HuiMin HuNan Co. Majored in Master of software engineering, also I am a framework and system program designer. Name 'Bean' is cute (I know) which was named when I was only 10, obviously comes from 'MR.Bean' but I don't want to change it.

Some facts about me.

  • Focus on framework, system program and algorithm design, also as a Geek, robots and SCM are never leave me.
  • Focus on computer science research and general knowledge as well.
  • More than 10 years software design experience since my elementary school, the 2008 is my 'HelloWorld' (VB and ActionScript).
  • I highly enjoy pharmacy, biochemistry, and medicine (What I call the biologically sophisticated program. Is there ASM in biology?), so I just call myself a doctor, but due to some indescribable reasons, the hobby doesn't pay(literally).
  • Treasure collection in a trance, enjoying sophisticated and rare ones in both physical and digital.
  • Who does not like f**king money ha ? Does a bear shit in the woods ?
  • Technical information

    Background: Yes it is, this website is also a demo for Pinecone CPP and Acorn Venom. The whole website is powered by Bean Nuts Family. Unfortunately, due to Acorn Venom HTTP Server engine isn't fully complete, Red Nest temporary using Nginx as HTTP server and using Pinecone Fast CGI as servlet. Another shitty thing, Peanut Neutrino is also under construction, so I temporary using MySQL as database. [Actually, I wanna using pure C/C++ and JS to built all my applications, to be clarified I CAN but life is f**king short, Jesus mio~]

    Trailers: Acorn Venom HTTP Server will using IOCP in windows and epoll in linux. It will fully support high concurrency environment. Peanut Neutrino is a super database, supported NOSQL and RDB , based on document. And Almond Dragon Markup-Language (DML) will also using into next version of Red Nest. All of them will coming soon. (20250606)