About Jun Red Nest

Jun.Red™, Jun Hong Industry

Jun.Red is the creative private TLD(Top-level domain) of JH.W(Harold, undefined, Bean, ARB) and refer to his cyber brand (a.k.a. Jun Hong Industry) which is the formal name of the Bean. Red Nest is the professional blog service that affiliates to Jun.Red™.
Jun.Red 是 JH.W 的私人品牌,创意顶级域名(jhTLD)系统以及包含他的旗下私人子站点的服务群,同时是Bean 的正式商标名称。红巢(Red Nest)是 Jun.Red™ 旗下的专业博客服务。

Red Nest & Dragon Prime AX

Red Nest (the sibling site of DragonKing.Me, DragonsPrime.COM, Dragon.AX, Dracoum.COM). Why this Name? For 'Red', my Chinese name has the character '弘' which means Mega and Enlighten in Chinese, but it has an approximately phonetic character related to the '红' (Color.Red). For 'Nest', due to this website being my own site, it is the most vivid and figurative word which be chosen.

DragonAX belongs to the Draconium Elementa of Jun Hong Industry, acting as a draconium token of JH.W to serve as his profile. Red Nest 取之于他的中文名字,生动形象,恰到好处;DragonAX实体标识隶属于 Jun Hong Industry 的元素周期表收藏系列 (晙系,龍族), 作为他的主页子服务。

Harold (伍老板)

The undefined is a system architect, wielded fundamentum and its noegenesis.

The undefined, 赛博基建狂魔

Dragon King (TM)

Draco Rex Primus

JH.W (Harold, A.R.B) is the chairman of HuiMin HuNan Co. Majored in Master of software engineering, also I am a framework and system program designer.

Some facts about me.

  • Focus on framework, system program and algorithm design, also as a Geek, robots and SCM are never leave me.
  • Focus on computer science research and general knowledge as well.
  • More than 10 years software design experience since my elementary school, the 2008 is my 'HelloWorld' (VB and ActionScript).
  • I highly enjoy pharmacy, biochemistry, and medicine (What I call the biologically sophisticated program. Is there ASM in biology?), so I just call myself a doctor, but due to some indescribable reasons, the hobby doesn't pay(literally).
  • Treasure collection in a trance, enjoying sophisticated and rare ones in both physical and digital.
  • Who does not like f**king money ha ? Does a bear shit in the woods ?
  • Bean Nuts Cashew RedNest

    Red Nest is Harold's personal professional blog and the project of Bean Nuts Cashew RedNest official release website. This product belongs to Bean Nuts Family, all copyright for JH.W (Harold). Also, a copy of this website is a demo for open-source project Pinecone Dragon CPP and Acorn Venom WEB project which shows have their APIs and framework working, licensed under GNU GPL.
    红巢 是 JHW 的专业技术博客,隶属于豆子·坚果项目组,由他和项目组原创的原生C/C++框架 (Pinecone) 支持编写,该项目同时是 Pinecone 的一个演示例子。
    Namespace, Nomenclature: Nest.Dragon.AX.Jun.Red = Nest.Red + Dragon.Ax + Jun.Red

    Technical information

    Red Nest is a demo for Pinecone CPP and Acorn Venom, powered by Bean Nuts Family and belongs to Jun Hong SkyNet (Redium, Draconium Kernel). Red Nest is 80% original designed by native C/C++, JS, frontend, etc. Actually, I wanna using pure C/C++ and JS to built all my applications, to be clarified I CAN but life is f**king short, Jesu mio~

    Red Nest 是 "Pinecone CPP","Acorn 毒液" 的演示项目之一,由坚果家族原创技术支持,隶属于 "晙红" (红核、龙核), 其前后端全部技术栈 80% 仅由原生C/C++、JS、原生前端 所原创,除部分如媒体库、数据库等工作量过大的部分,几乎无任何第三方依赖。 其他核心Logo、AI出图等基本艺术设计也由他技术支持完成 (他私人的SD模型、PS技术等支持)。 理论上和技术上,完全使用原生C/C++构筑他全部应用问题不大,但是人生苦短,令人唏嘘。