About Red Nest

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This product belong to Bean Nuts Family, all copyright for Mr.WJH (MR.A.R.B). Also a copy of this website is open source and used as Pinecone CPP and Acorn Venom WEB project for demo, licensed under the GPL.

Red Nest is Mr.A.R.B's personal website and Bean Nuts Project release official website ,

DR. Alexander Ruida Bean (伍医生)

MR.A.R.B is chairman of HuiMin HuNan Inc. Also I am a framework and system program designer.

Some facts about me.

  • Focus on framework , system program and algorithm architecture design.
  • Focus on computer theory research and general knowledge as well.
  • More than 10 years software design experience.
  • Actively explore in the field of pharmacy and biochemistry.
  • Enjoying Geek Life.
  • Also I like money, at the same time, I am starting a business.
  • Technical information

    Background: Yes it is, this website is also a demo for Pinecone CPP and Acorn Venom. The whole website is powered by Bean Nuts Family. Unfortunately, due to Acorn Venom HTTP Server engine isn't fully complete, Red Nest temporary using Nginx as HTTP server and using Pinecone Fast CGI as servlet. Another shitty thing, Peanut Neutrino is also under construction, so I temporary using MySQL as database.

    Trailers: Acorn Venom HTTP Server will using IOCP in windows and epoll in linux. It will fully support high concurrency environment. Peanut Neutrino is a super database, supported NOSQL and RDB , based on document. And Almond Dragon Markup-Language (DML) will also using into next version of Red Nest. All of them will coming soon. (20210606)